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Posted by Lex Leifheit, Jun 17, 2009 1 comment

We're here! Many of us, anyway. And we're tweeting. Several of you pointed out that the hashtag #aftaconvention09 is awfully long, given the 140-character limit. So many people are using the hash tag #afta09, which was given AftA's official blessing earlier today.

For Twitter newbies: a "hashtag" is a way of adding community context to your tweets--they are similar to the tags used on other community sites such as Flickr, but included within the text a post.

I must admit I don't know how to set up an automatic search for hashtags ... I just searched for people posting about the Annual Convention and added them to my follow list. Does anyone out there know a better way?

Hope to meet many of you soon ... in person!

@artagenda (Lex Leifheit)

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June 19, 2009 at 2:48 pm

Just to clarify, because I was a little confused about this myself...

You cannot "follow" a hashtag (#afta09) directly through your Twitter account. A hashtag is not a source of tweets. Rather, it’s a way to label (tag) tweets so they can be easily pulled together. The most basic way to track hashtags through your web browser is:

1. Go to Twitter Search.
2. Search for "#afta09"
3. Keep that page open in a browser tab, and refresh it periodically to see the latest results. Or click "save this search" to create an easy link for future reference.

As Lex said, you might choose to follow anyone who's contributing to #afta09, but that can get tedious. Instead, you might consider using a column-based tracking tool like Monitter or Tweetdeck, a very slick Adobe AIR application that runs on your computer. If you search for #afta09 in Tweetdeck, for example, a column will appear showing all the latest tweets using that hashtag — and it will automatically update for you. You can add, delete, or reconfigure columns anytime you like.

I'd be interested in knowing if anyone knows of a tool that will send #afta09 tweets to my cell phone as texts.

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